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Failure to Attend (DNA)

A ‘DNA’ occurs when a patient did not attend a booked appointment and failed to contact the Surgery in advance to cancel – or where the cancellation is so late as to make it impossible to offer that time for another patient who needs treatment.

The Surgery will code this DNA and this will prompt a retrospective check on the number of DNA’s recorded against that person.  Whilst we are primarily concerned with our own appointment observance, consideration may also be given to any hospital appointments where we have been notified that a patient has failed to attend.

Where this is the first occasion, we may send a letter detailing the appointment that was missed and requesting the patient (a) contact us with a reason and (b) take care to avoid a re-occurrence.

If this is the second occasion, a letter will be sent to advise of the missed appointment and also advise that, if a further appointment is DNA’d then the patient will be at risk of  de-registration.

If a third DNA has occurred the Surgery may write to the patient – and advise NHS East Riding at the same time – that the patient is to be de-registered without further notice.

​Please avoid becoming a ‘DNA’

If you cannot attend – or no longer need – an appointment please ring us beforehand.

Mistakes happen and the Surgery knows appointments can be forgotten – in which case when the patient responds to a letter (or sooner) we will be able to note the reasons.

Preference, of course, is for us to know in advance so we can offer the appointment(s) to others.

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